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A Clutter-Free Path
to the Life You Want

Coaching, training, and organizing to help you
create the organized life you need to build
the personal
 and professional life you want.

Achieve the life you want by decluttering your mind, space, and time.

Download the Clutter-Free Living Quickstart Guide to learn how.

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Transform Your Mindset  +  Own Your Time  +  Control Your Space

The Life You Really Want is Only a Dream

when everything seems out of place...

You're confused about where to start

You feel like you're behind and in a constant race to catch up

Your schedule is jam-packed and the things you need to do are put on the

back burner

The clutter in your home or office is overwhelming and you don't know how to change it

You doubt you'll ever get to where you want to be in life and business

You start, but can never seem to finish

You can't focus because there is always a distraction

You need time for yourself but can't figure out how to fit it in

I understand your overwhelm and frustration, and I am committed to
helping you move past obstacles, simplify your schedule, and
create the organized life you need to build the life you want.

The Integrative Approach to
Your Clutter-Free Path

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Gain clarity, overcome challenges, get unstuck, and get the momentum you need to maximize your personal and professional potential.

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Productivity Training

Identify your priorities, gain control of your time, establish habits and routines, and get the focus you need to reach your goals.

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Create simplified, organized, and functional spaces with customized organizing and maintenance solutions to fit your lifestyle.

I'll help you clear the clutter in your mindset, time, and space
that has kept you from the life you want for far too long.

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Hey, Good People!

I'm Teresa Hawthorne

Certified Personal and Executive Coach + Professional Organizer + Productivity Trainer

At my core is a passion for helping overwhelmed and distracted women professionals and entrepreneurs create a clear path to their desired futures.

I believe clarity, intention, and order are vital to reaching your desired personal and professional future. And what I've learned from life and business is that clutter in your mindset, time, and space are things that keep you from the life you want. The good news is that these things are within your control.

Through coaching, training, and organizing, I'll help you gain that control.

Ready to get unstuck and live the personal and professional life you really want?

The Plan to Create Your Clutter-Free Path



Schedule a 20-minute clarity call to discuss where you are and where you want to be.



Get coaching, training, and organizing to help you reach your full potential and get the life you want. 



Follow a personalized plan that takes you from feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and stuck, to focused and intentional progress.



Experience growth and achieve your goals without the confusion, clutter, and chaos that has held you back for far too long.

What Clients Say

"Teresa's unique blend of entrepreneurial insight and mindset coaching provided me with invaluable tools to navigate the challenges of building my business. Through our sessions, I gained clarity on my goals, learned to silence my inner critic, and embraced a more powerful growth mindset. Teresa doesn't just offer advice, she serves as a trusted mentor, offering unwavering support, accountability, and guidance every step of the way. I can't recommend Teresa enough. She is truly a catalyst for success!"
J.P., Career Transition & Mindset Coach
Boise, Idaho
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