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You Need These to Unlock Your Goals

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The freshness of the New Year is exciting. It offers the chance to redo, refocus, and recommit to the better existence we long for. Crossing over into the new year, we hit the ground running with our lists of do’s, don’ts, and best-year-ever goals. And we sprint intensely toward better health, better finances, better relationships, and better choices. But, how long will your passionate pursuit of better last this New Year?

We’re now two and a half weeks in, and the year is successfully progressing. Are you?

Has your pace slowed? Or, have you already come to a complete stop? If so, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, you’re a part of the majority.

Studies show that only eight percent of those who set goals at the beginning of the year go on to reach them. The other 92 percent ditch their goals within months, weeks, or even days.

So why the shockingly large gap between those who do and those who ditch? What does the eight percent have that the majority doesn’t? In a word--habits.

Habits are the intentional steps you take every day to move closer to your goals. Developing habits is a key element to any successful goal-reaching formula. And those who get to the goal have established the habits they need to support them.

Not sure which habits you need? Here are a few that will help you get on your mark and stay in your lane until you cross the finish line.

Get Laser-Like Focus

The goals you set require attention. When trying to hit a target, your eyes have to be fixed on it until it becomes a part of you. For this to happen, your goals should be written down so that your eyes are on them regularly. Writing your goals down and keeping them in front of you makes them real, serves as a reminder of where you want to be, and helps motivate you to keep going.

Make a list, create a vision board, or use Post-it notes. Do it in the form that works for you, but make sure you look at your goals every single day—more than once a day if you need to.

Make The Time

Goals are accomplished when you put in the work. So you’ll need to make time to work on your goals. To do this, you may need to make adjustments to manage your time more efficiently. This includes:

  • Stop telling yourself you don’t have the time

  • Overcome your tendency to procrastinate

  • Identify and eliminate your time wasters

  • Get organized

  • Learn to say no.

To reach your goals, working on them has to become a priority. Create a daily routine structured to allow for the work, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Some progress is still progress.

Keep Tabs On Where You Are

When working on your goals, it’s important to know how you’re doing. Take time for evaluation and reflection. Commit to reviewing your activity daily and weekly so you have a gauge on how you’re progressing or when you’re missing the mark. Tracking your progress will help you quickly identify where adjustments need to be made before your efforts are derailed.

If you want out of the majority and into the number of those who finish, forming goal-sustaining habits is what will get you there. Be intentional about your goals and habits, and watch them manifest, one day at a time.

Leave us a comment below to let us know what habits you need to form to reach your goals.

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